Isodiol is fast becoming one of the most well-known names on the market for quality assured hemp-based CBD products. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Isodiol makes quality, natural hemp-based products designed to help anyone looking to improve their own quality of life via CBD.

Their range includes tinctures, balms, and oils. Unlike some companies, with Isodiol you don’t have to worry about any impurities in their oils as they use a powerful extraction process to make sure you only get pure CBD.

The Isodiol Flagship

This Bioactive Anhydrous hemp oil is the flagship of the company. It is a product that sets Isodiol apart putting them on the market for everyone to take note. This was the original item of Isodiols unique form of manufacture. One of the purest oils made entirely from hemp. What’s great about this kind of hemp oil is that because of its 99+% pure compound makeup is that it can be easily added to foods, drinks used a supplement or applied to help with skin care.

How Hemp Helps Humanity

Hemp, as you know, contains cannabidiols. What you may not know is that within the body we have the endocannabinoid system. This biological network of cannabinoid receptors is divided into two receptors called CB1 and CB2 receptors. Now this system has only been known about for the last thirty years. But what’s so great about it is that its interaction with hemp-based CBD oils like Bioactive Anhydrous Hemp Oil produces positive effects in the body. These effects can help us deal with stomach issues, skin conditions, and have even been shown to alter our moods.

Premium Extraction Process

Isodiol makes their potent creations using a very advanced extraction process. The process that they specifically use is called the Proprietary Extraction Process. What this does is help to protect the molecules. It prevents them from being denatured and safeguards for the highest available bioactivity.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Isodiol they don’t just want to give you a quality product at all costs, their commitment to sustainability is palpable with each product they make. The Bioactive Anhydrous Hemp Oil is no exception. It has been made to the standard of European Certified Organic Hemp Oil. This is a qualification that can only be achieved by companies that are committed to providing things to the highest possible standards.

Isodiol is committed to a sustainable model of agriculture. What this means for you is no exposure to potentially harmful artificial compounds and GMO’s. This is more impressive when it’s considered how large a company Isodiol is. Where others might cut corners once a certain level has been reached, not so with Isodiol.

Benefits of Isodiol Anhydrous Hemp Oil

100% Natural hemp oil
Perfect for relief from pain and inflammation
Free from artificial compounds and GMOs
Pharmaceutical grade quality hemp oil
Easily digestible when infused into either food or even used as topicals


CBD, as we all know, is unfortunately not always the cheapest to acquire. Like any great treatment, the price is a reflection of its need. Isodiol themselves fall into the area of having affordable and ultra-expensive options. Basically anywhere from $40 to well over thousands. Naturally, this depends on how much you decide to buy.

How Can It Be So Expensive?

This is partly due to the fact that the potential uses for CBD are quite boundless. With research being done all the time to show its usefulness in helping people cope with various illnesses it’s no wonder really. There is a growing library of evidence from the anecdotal to the more scientific that CBD will be a game-changer in the world of health. With products like Bioactive Anhydrous Hemp Oil this will only grow further.

Final Thoughts

Of course there are a lot of companies on the market today dealing in the creation and distribution of CBD products. However, there are few with such strong commitments to quality as Isodiol. They’re a certified company that recognize half-measures with one’s health aren’t ever a good idea.

If you’re planning on venturing into the world of CBD treatment whether for skincare or something else I can’t imagine a company better suited to help you. Try out even just a gram and see what it can do for you.

If your not considering wholesale buying then Isodiol has a fantastic product for the personal user that contains all the benefits of the Bioactive Anhydrous Hemp Oil then you can buy the Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture HERE!

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