Arthritis is an often-underestimated condition, as its sufferers can astest, whose pain can reach debilitating levels if not treated quickly and effectively. Pain levels can vary across the time of day, seasons and through periods of stress and injury. There are various pharmaceutical interventions that medical staff can prescribe for pain management – but unfortunately for those living with arthritis, these often come with the risk of nasty and uncomfortable side effects. As attitudes change and more sufferers seek out natural and alternative therapies, the popularity of CBD creams for arthritis treatment is on the rise.

The benefits of using CBD for those with arthritis are vast, and those having already adopted either CBD oils or topical creams into their pain management routine often report favourable results; without the side effects often invited by more traditional pain relief solutions. The application or intake method of CBD is entirely down to the patient, in conjunction with their medical consultants, but is often consumed orally in drops or applied topically as a gel or cream to the affected area/s as and when required.

Medical and professional studies into the treatment of specific types of arthritis have taken place already, with the results looking positive. Lab tests have shown that both the relief of pain and the reduction of inflammation were vast; thereby combatting the two most common issues with arthritis right at their source. Studies conducted have shown great effect in both the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, where the body attacks and inflames the joints, and osteo-arthritis, which is a degenerative disease and causes stiffness; affecting joints, cartilage and bones. Following these studies and their astonishingly effective results, many health professionals have been spurred on to begin recommendation of CBD to their patients.

CBD creams for arthritis treatment are considered extremely effective for many reasons. They can be applied directly to the inflamed or affected area by the patient as required, and topped up with extra application as the individual sees fit. This allows for self-management of dosage and the ability for the patient to have entire control over their own pain – something that is sadly often lost with traditional pharmaceutical methods. CBD’s pain and inflammatory reduction properties are fast-acting, so there’s no unnecessary waiting for the relief to ‘kick in’, and with no psychoactive properties, it won’t affect the patient mentally.

If you are suffering from arthritis, or have a loved one that is, CBD creams, gels and oils may prove effective in helping them tackle both their joint inflammation and their pain relief. Seek the advice of a medical professional, and depending on the type of arthritis diagnosis as well as the affected areas (hard to reach areas may be better treated with oral consumption rather than topical application). CBD may be recommended as a trial substance to help make life with arthritis happier, less painful and much more manageable. It has worked for a large number of sufferers and it might work for you or your loved ones.

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