Several studies have been done in recent years that show cannabis oil is effective at reducing the frequency of seizures. But the medicinal use of cannabis oil for its anticonvulsant properties dates back to early civilizations including ancient China, India, Africa, Greece, and Rome.

From Ancient Remedy to Modern Medicine?

In recent times, though, cannabis oil products are often what people turn to when they have been unable to control their epilepsy with conventional medicine. Some people have uncontrolled epilepsy and may have tried many different drugs and experienced a lot of intolerable side effects.

So for such persons, the main reasons for consuming cannabis oil products is to manage epileptic seizures that have been resistant to traditional treatments and to obtain a treatment method that has more favorable side effects.

Cannabis Oil and Epilepsy

Researchers have found that a significant number of people with epilepsy have what is known as treatment-resistant epilepsy. It is estimated that 30% of individuals with epilepsy do not find relief and control of seizures from existing pharmacological anticonvulsant drugs.

It is also envisaged that there will, in the near future, be occurrences of seizures that are resistant to pharmacological therapies in as many as 50% of the current population living with epilepsy. Cannabis oil has reportedly been a successful treatment for a number of people with documented cases of chronic and recurrent seizures that do not respond to pharmaceutical drugs.

Epilepsy patients are usually prescribed a number of anticonvulsants. Many times, they result in negative side effects and are usually not very effective. These two factors have driven many patients to seek cannabis oil as a solution where normal pharmaceutical therapies have failed or provided too much suffering. Some of the side effects they’ve endured from these other medications are nausea, double vision, headache, poor sleep, depression, hair loss, impotence, among others. It can be a frustrating and debilitating experience searching for a viable treatment.

The Role of Neurotransmitters

It has been found that seizures are caused by irregular discharges or misfiring among brain cells. This then leads to convulsions and loss of consciousness. What the cannabis oil does is use its anticonvulsant properties to alter this problem. The neurotransmitters that send the messages are affected by the anticonvulsants. They also alter the activity of the cell by getting attached to the neurons so they can control the movement of ions through it.

Some of the good reasons adults can use cannabis oil are its cost compared with other pharmaceutical drugs. Its biocompatibility with the body system, ability to aid recovery, and because there are no negative side effects over sustained or brief usage.

A Growing Treatment Option

Although, the use of cannabis oil products has for a long time not been generally accepted in recent times that has been changing. Cannabis oil treatment for seizures is gaining support from a growing roster of medical practitioners who are urging its legal access, including the Epilepsy Foundation in the United States.

Researchers have proposed that cannabis oil is destined to produce groundbreaking results in the near future as part of a cure for seizures and other such delicate medical conditions. As part of the terms and conditions upheld by organizations that dispense cannabis oil, any individual that wants to purchase it must be 18 years of age or older and understands the policy regarding the sale and consumption of the product. One is equally expected to consult with his/her physician before using the cannabis oil. This is always the most important when considering any form of treatment.

Cannabis oil has since been effective for seizure treatments in adults. This powerful oil may be just what you or that person you know who is suffering from seizures may need. So, give it a try.

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