A neurological condition that involves recurring seizures is known as Epilepsy. It is one of the most common neurological diseases globally as it is recorded that approximately 50 million people live with it. This condition prevents or makes daily tasks such as preparing food, driving, caring for kids or maintaining a job and career difficult.

In severe cases, the patient’s quality of life can become so low that he/she experiences clinical depression or anxiety in anticipation of the next seizure. What is responsible for these seizures according to experts are misfiring, as well as, irregular electrical discharges among the cells in the brain. Consequently, it will result in severely altered senses, body convulsions, and loss of consciousness.


Similarly, in Spasticity which is a condition of skeletal muscles such that a muscle fibre becomes tense for a prolonged duration, the muscles become stiff or rigid with exaggerated, jerky reflexes of the tendons. Other symptoms include; pain, spasms, tremor, bladder dysfunction etc. This condition interferes with most forms of locomotion; walking, movement, even speech.

Spasticity does develop as a result of cerebral stroke or trauma, cerebral palsy in children or cases of multiple sclerosis, in conditions and tumours of the spinal cord, and particularly following spinal injuries associated with spinal cord damage. The development and aggravation of spasticity is influenced by urinary tract infections, distension of the urinary bladder and rectum, pain and pressure sores.

According to available statistics, the number of medications offered to people with existing seizure conditions is around one-third of the total number of sufferers.


Several pieces of research have been able to prove that the use of CBD oil is effective in making minimal the intensity of seizures and even reducing its frequency. The symptoms of epilepsy are considerably reduced by using it. Researchers have found that CBD possesses strong anti-inflammatory capabilities so, it can reduce the effect of T-cells in the brain. It functions as a neuroprotective and anti oxidizing agent thereby, making it able to remove oxygen species that are harmful and that can trigger unhealthy brain conditions.

These effects coupled with the anxiolytic and pain-relieving tendencies of CBD make it a strong therapeutic agent. CBD is a powerful drug which has the ability to promote homeostasis, as the lack of a holistic balance in the body system of individuals is most often the cause of many of the common health conditions they experience. Ultimately, when treating multiple sclerosis, neuropathic, and chronic pain, CBD is one of the most effective medications to consider.

Medicines like Benzodiazepines and Carisoprodol which have been known for the treatment of epilepsy are really expensive and have unpalatable side effects hence, upon the discovery of CBD oil as efficient for epilepsy treatment, fair in price with little or no side effects, so many people are beginning to resort to using it.

If there is anyone who happens not to be comfortable with THC, probably because of its psychoactive effects, we would suggest that the person tries experimenting only with CBD oils but, he/she should bear in mind that a limited quantity of the herb extract may not yield the maximum positive result.
It is also necessary to bear in mind that CBD oil for muscle spasms will not have the same guaranteed effect on everyone. So if you are considering using it for your own condition, make sure you do your proper research and above all, consult with your physician.

The interest in Cannabidiol to cure epilepsy started not too long ago. Many experiments have been conducted in this regard and there have been positive results so, it is safe to say that in the near future, CBD oil will become an established treatment for many medical conditions of this magnitude.

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