Across the world, there are millions who suffer from mental health issues. It is a more pressing issue than ever with many people reporting feelings of depression and anxiety. It’s been a positive move that it has become more and more highlighted in recent years.

People are seeking out therapy and trying to solve their problems. But what about utilizing CBD for anxiety and depression? It’s been shown to help people recover from pains and inflamed joints, but what about mental pains?

Could CBD be the Key?

There seems to be growing evidence to support the idea that CBD for anxiety and depression could be a powerful and beneficial way forward. Is it possible that the answer to deal with one of the biggest growing concerns could be solved by something heretofore looked down on by the mainstream community? Possibly.

CBD has been around for a long time in various formats and now it’s getting the advancement it needs. But before you rush off out the door to buy CBD for anxiety and depression there are a few things you should know first.

The culture surrounding CBD is one overflowing with conflicting viewpoints and points of reference. This is a good thing though because it promotes a healthy debate that is needed before any major change can occur. Of course, while CBD may prove beneficial for many people it’s important to consult a medical professional before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle. Using any new medication or treatment requires careful consideration.


Depression is truly the silent killer. Today more people than ever suffer from some form of depression yet there is still a stigma surrounding it. Many people are afraid to speak frankly about their problems because of how it might reflect on them.

But depression is nothing to be ashamed and those in need shouldn’t be afraid of seeking help. Depression causes people to lose interest in activities and hobbies they previously loved. In extreme cases, those feeling intense depression find it hard to leave their own homes or suffer from fibromyalgia.

Although CBD is not typically prescribed to those suffering from depression, it has been used by people self-medicating often with positive results. While anecdotal in some instances there is a scientific reason for these positive results. It comes down to the antidepressant properties present in CBD.

Inside of the brain, CB1 receptors in charge of emotions can cause anti-depressant reactions.


Another interesting effect of CBD is that it activates the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is the chemical that controls our mood. Using cannabinoids has been found by researchers to activate the serotonin and thus elicit antidepressant-like effects. Depression has been linked to poor levels of serotonin so it may be the case that using marijuana could help create a more ‘positive’ state of mind. And cannabis, particularly CBD, has long been used to treat those suffering from pain, chronic or otherwise.


There are many receptors located in the brain which are associated with emotions. If we were able to influence these receptors we could manipulate our feelings, in a positive sense.

Is something like that possible?

In a study published in the British Journal of Psychopharmacology, a group of people who had conditions associated with General Socialized Anxiety Disorder were given CBD. The doses ranged around 400 mg. A second control group was also in the test and they were given a placebo of corn oil.

What was most surprising about the results of the test is that the group given the CBD reported sharp declines in the feelings of anxiety they had. Great news for the researchers. What we can learn from these kinds of tests done with CBD is that they may prove beneficial for those with social anxiety disorder.

The Future

The daily struggles that people with depression and anxiety face are as real as they’ve ever been but nowadays there is a healthy dialogue surrounding the issue. More help is out there now than there has ever been previously. If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression or anxiety it’s important to know that help is out there. Speak to someone you trust or seek out a medical professional. Hopefully, with their guidance, you’ll be able to get the help you need.

What all these breakthroughs with CBD mean is that there’ll be an even more viable and powerful medication to help you. Perhaps CBD could be for you. Check out a CBD oil or balm and see how it feels. Now is a better time than ever really get the benefits of CBD. Using CBD for anxiety and depression could well be the thing to change your life for the better.

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