When most people hear of the condition PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), they immediately think of military and service staff, who have undergone a stressful and traumatic experience and are suffering mentally as a result. In using CBD for PTSD treatment, many have experienced great respite. However, it’s now evident that it’s not just humans who can have their wellbeing affected as a result of trauma: pets and other animals can too. But can CBD be used to treat them as well?

Of course, with the lack of being able to speak and converse normally with your pet, it can be difficult to understand if they’re suffering from PTSD or another condition. It can also be difficult to identify what trauma they’ve experienced – if they’ve lived with you since birth and you can’t think of anything major, it can be tricky to work out a cause. In these cases, you may find the cause is something us humans would consider insignificant but it could be something quite frightening and stressful to your furry friend. Such instances can include loud inclement weather, the loss of a companion (human or animal), abandonment (or perceived abandonment), a negative interaction with another animal, and physical or emotional abuse. Working animals such as military dogs are more susceptible to suffering from PTSD, and recent research suggests that up to 10% of service dogs do.

How To Spot PTSD In Pets

Recognising PTSD in animals can be difficult, as the symptoms can be similar to other anxiety and mental health disorders. However, common signs include going to the toilet in the house, howling, barking, whining or excessive vocalization, sudden uncharacteristic aggression, sudden uncharacteristic over-attachment, or destructive behaviour. Seeking the advice of a veterinary professional can help you identify exactly whether PTSD, or other stresses, are the issue at play with your pet.

Pets And CBD

When it comes to utilising CBD for PTSD treatment, early studies indicate that this could be helpful for both cats and dogs, but only in certain circumstances. Ensuring the correct dosage and correct application are both key, as purity is of great importance and some additives can be harmful to animals. However, there is yet to be mass research conducted on the usage of CBT in PTSD treatment for pets, and so the extent of the benefits are yet to be clinically proven. That said, holistic veterinarians are already using CBD for the ease of anxieties and over-attachment in dogs and cats, as well as to help reduce general inflammation and physical pain in pets to promote a happier, healthier quality of life and an overall well being boost.

If you are concerned that your pet may have PTSD, contacting and working with a veterinary professional can help you give you a diagnosis and peace of mind. CBD may be a viable treatment option, so work with those ‘in the know’ and your prized canine or feline will soon be on their way to more contented days ahead.

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