Migraines are extremely common among adults, with it being estimated that every 1 in 5 women and 1 in 15 men suffer from them. Migraines are often underestimated as just ‘harsh headaches’, but in reality, they can last from 4-72 hours and in the most extreme of cases can cause paralysis, seizures and agonizing pain.

It can often be difficult to get diagnosed with migraines, and so tricky for those suffering to understand how best to treat their symptoms. Most medical professionals will advise that sufferers should lie down and try to sleep in a dark, cool room, or prescribe basic painkillers. For those who suffer from migraines often and over sustained periods of time, anti-emetics to relieve nausea can be prescribed, as well as triptans, to help reverse changes in the brain that cause such severe headaches.

However, the results are mixed and for those who suffer from migraines often, the onus for their treatment may be on stopping or easing relapses, rather than just treating the headaches as they happen. This is where CBD for migraine treatment is often considered.

CBD and Pain Relief

CBD has been clinically proven as an effective pain relief method (and also provides relief from anxiety and depression), and so while a migraine is happening, or in the early stages of it taking hold, it can make for a fantastic treatment to ease the pain, reduce the nausea, and allow the patient to function well enough that they can either get to bed or somewhere safe, or to continue on with their day as normal. CBD for this purpose can be taken orally or, as it’s natural and non-pharmaceutical, alongside traditional pain killers. Studies have shown that migraine sufferers reported positive results when using both.

In looking to manage migraines on a longer term basis, patients can take CBD orally consistently even when not suffering from any symptoms. There is yet to be any solid research taking place into this specifically for migraines, but initial findings seem to indicate that up to half of those trialling CBD in this way lessened the number of occurrences. This is believed to be due to both the naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory properties and the neuroprotective qualities of CBD, working together to safeguard the nerves that are often angered by the onset of migraine.

CBD Dosage

Dosage of CBD is critical to its effectiveness, and so it’s important that you understand exactly what you’re taking, how, and how you can expect it to impact on you before you begin consuming it. Sit down and consult with your medical management team (if you have one), or speak to a CBD expert and seek advice on how best you can use this brilliant ingredient to alleviate your suffering and try to continue on with a happy, healthy, headache-free life!

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