In terms of unlikely duos, MMA and CBD hemp oil benefits, at first glance, may seem pretty unlikely. The world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), brutal, unforgiving, and not for the faint of heart. An intense conflict between two people pitting their fighting skills against one another inside of a locked cage. If I’d said this thirty years ago you might have laughed or thought of some sci-fi tinged barbaric cruelty featuring Mel Gibson.

But today MMA is a multi-million dollar industry known throughout the world. In the quarter of a century, since the very first televised MMA fight (UFC 1) in 1993, the sport has progressed across the world through promotions like UFC, Invicta, and Bellator in the U.S., Cage Warriors in the U.K., and even as far as Japan and Singapore in the form of Rizin and One, respectively. They are both fascinating to watch and brutal to endure.

And CBD hemp oil is just a regular treatment, right?

What difference could CBD hemp oil benefits make in the world of MMA? As we shall see, quite a lot actually.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Perhaps one of the most amazing things about CBD is its incredible anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of the key things to consider when thinking of its application in the world of MMA or indeed any physically strenuous activity.

Athletes are turning more and more to CBD hemp oil benefits because they find it helps to cope with the inflamed muscles and joints that can occur from prolonged vigorous activity. The most publically notable of an athlete speaking about this came from MMA fighters. One of those fighters being Nate Diaz. Following his controversial loss at UFC 202, Diaz openly used a CBD vape pen at a post-fight UFC press conference.

Diaz brought his vape pen with him to use while answering questions following his ferocious second match with Conor McGregor. After a five round war, he remarked that the CBD he was using “helped with the healing process” and then concluded that “It’ll make your life a better place.” Not a bad recommendation from one of the toughest professional fighters on the planet.

What Sets It Apart?

There are a couple of things that set CBD apart from regular painkillers such as:

    • Antioxidant
    • Non-addictive (unlike Opioids)
    • Neuroprotective
    • Entirely natural – unlike most manufactured medications
    • Extremely low toxicity levels

Why It Works So Well

In order to understand why CBD works so well in our bodies, we’ve first got to know about the endocannabinoid system. This is a biological network in our body of cannabinoid receptors within our own bodies. That’s right, your body is actually making CBD already. Kinda. If you’re not aware of it already don’t feel too bad. This system was only discovered in the last thirty years. Since then it has had profound effects on the way we see and can potentially treat inflammation and pain among other things.

There are two main kinds of cell receptor that make up this system, CB1 and CB2 receptors. Each one helps out with a variety of functions in our bodies. From sleep to appetite to memory and (importantly for MMA) pain. CBD hemp oil benefits us by triggering a positive effect in our physiology via this system. Aiding in faster recovery times and reduce inflammation in sore muscles.

Keeps MMA Fighters Away From Addictive Substances

This might be one of the most important facets of CBD. As mentioned above some painkillers can be addictive. Opioids which are still widely used in hospitals to relieve pain have a high probability of resulting in addiction. And this can be a serious problem for MMA fighters who undergo continued stress and pain to their bodies and are in need of relief. The pains often continue for a long time after the fights are over. Causing dependence and increased damage to these athlete’s bodies and lives.

Advocacy – Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten a former UFC Heavyweight Champion has in the last while become a vocal proponent of CBD. Bas himself has spoken out about how in order to cope with the number of injuries he had to endure. Because of this, he turned to medications like Vicodin and Oxycontin. Both of these medications are opioid-based drugs commonly used by people across the United States.

Naturally, it became a spiral for Bas and only luckily was he able to stop himself before it became too late. Now he’s trying to popularize how effective CBD can be in combating these kinds of problems. These kinds of horror stories aren’t limited to him either. An early fighter in both Vale Tudo and later the UFC, Mark Kerr, suffered serious opioid dependence while fighting in the Pride promotion in Japan. This harrowing story is documented well in the HBO documentary The Smashing Machine.

Zero Psychoactivity

It has been noted by Mr Rutten that in states where medical cannabis and CBD oil is legal the rates of opioid addiction have dropped significantly. This is another frequently ignored aspect of CBD. And it’s one that sets it apart from both opioids and it’s closely related component THC. CBD is not psychoactive.

THC is what commonly produces the effect of being “high.” It is present in medical marijuana and regular cannabis. But not in CBD or in such small amounts as to be completely unnoticeable. These chemical reactions leave users feeling fuzzy and not always fully functional. CBD on the other has no such effects. It is entirely possible to continue with whatever activity you’d previously been doing after taking CBD.

Which is great news for those competing in high-intensity events like MMA because if ever there was a time for concentration that would be it.

See What It Can Do For You

You don’t have to be a world-class MMA fighter to take advantage of CBD hemp oil benefits. Because it’s not a psychoactive substance, depending on where you are, you likely won’t need a prescription and can even order it online. If you think you could benefit from CBD then why not give it a go. Even those with sore limbs after a hard day at work could use a little relief every now and then.

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