There have been numerous clinical studies researching the effects of CBD on human mental health and the benefits that it can have on those with mental illness and other such issues. However, veterinary communities and experts are now holding a consensus that dogs and other pets can actually suffer from mental health conditions as well. But is it the case that CBD is as safe and beneficial a treatment for them as it is for us?

CBD And Dog Anxiety

Canine anxiety and dog depression are both now officially recognized conditions, and it’s believed that the causes of them can be anything from loss of a family member or other pet right through to just extended periods of boredom. In some cases, it is suggested that working breeds can even suffer from a perceived helplessness or lack of purpose when they are housed as a pet rather than having a job to do.

Using CBD for dogs is still a relatively new concept, but it’s gradually reaching acceptance and credibility among the professional veterinary community, due it’s non-psychoactive and naturally healing properties. Despite being non-psychoactive, there’s still numerous benefits of CBD to mental activity as there is in humans. This includes the reduction of fear, anxiety and stress. Research into the  applications of CBD with animal is still in the very early phases, but the first indications of its usage are positive.

CBD And Pet Mental Health

There will never be a ‘fix’ for depression – and obviously it’s extremely tricky to manage in dogs and other animals when our ability to communicate with them and understand them wholly is limited. However, particular studies into CBD usage for dogs thus far have found evidence to suggest that it can help in cases of separation anxiety from owners or other pets (an extremely common issue in many breeds), noise fear, long periods of travel and social anxiety around both humans and other animals. This indicates that CBD potentially could be used to help treat depression in dogs, and may in the future make for a realistic and effective substitute for more pharmaceutical solutions. Even if CBD is unable to entirely ‘cure’ your dog’s clinical sadness, it may help to reduce their reliance on medication and may be able to improve their quality of life to a point where you notice happy, healthy progress.

CBD applications for dogs a have a long way to go until it’s use is fully endorsed and mainstream, but if you feel your pet is suffering, speak to a qualified veterinary expert first. Should you have the support and the means with which to trial it on your dog safely, then it may be worth giving it a go to try and give your prized pet some respite and mental clarity.

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