We have all heard of the benefits CBD (cannabidiol) can have for humans but what can it do for man’s best friend? From anti cancer effects to powerful stress relief this could be the way forward in treating our favorite pets.

What It Can Do For Your Pet

The positive effects of CBD on dogs can be incredible and there has recently been a shift in the number of people opting for this natural remedy. One of the main uses of CBD in dogs is for stress and anxiety and if you’re an owner you’ll know there is nothing worse than when your four legged friend is feeling down. Dogs have been known to become depressed and anxious in certain situations, such a when their owner leaves or when they’re in the presence of loud noises and CBD has been known to combat this.

Dog owners have also been turning to CBD as a way to treat seizures and epilepsy. The ‘miracle medicine’ has in some cases completely gotten rid of canine seizures whilst other cases report that high levels of CBD can manage your pet’s seizures and over time reduce the frequency of them.

CBD in humans has been hailed for relieving chronic pain and it is much the same when it comes to dogs. Sadly, as our pets get older some may come into play with arthritis or even cancer. In arthritis, CBD can be used to target affected areas, decrease inflammation and ultimately relieve pain. Dogs with cancer tend to suffer symptoms of nausea, loss of appetite and chronic pain, the benefits of CBD can allow your pet to feel more comfortable during this time and reduce the nasty side effects.

CBD Products For Dogs

The two most popular CBD products to buy for dogs are CBD oil and CBD enriched dog treats. Both are relatively easily administered and for some, results can be seen just thirty minutes after administering.

If your dog tends to be a fussy eater CBD oil may be the better option for you. Whatever brand of oil you choose it should be based on the size and weight of your pet as will the dosage. CBD oil can be given to your pet in a number ways and it is perfectly safe to directly drop the oil into your dogs mouth. However, if your feeling more adventurous you can place a drop onto their favourite treat or mix into some tasty peanut butter.

There are plenty of options out there for CBD dog treats and it is even possible to make your own with the use of CBD oil (but we recommend leaving it to the experts). This is by far one of the easiest ways to administer CBD to your canine and they will love it!

Is It Safe?

With a large number of studies showing the health benefits of CBD the most encouraging result is that it appears to be safe and healthy. The majority of CBD products for your dog will contain little or no traces of THC and can prove to be a healthy herb with plenty of benefits for your furry friend.

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