If you’re even half as much of a sweet-fiend as I am then likely CBD candy will be the thing for you. More than any other CBD-based product on the market, nothing excites me more than knowing I can get a powerful boost just by eating some sweets. Who wouldn’t want to get their health benefits from something that was both tasty and delicious, too?

Will It Make You High?

Of course, whenever people hear about CBD candy it’s likely they think that they’re something akin to ‘pot brownies’. But this couldn’t be further from the case. CBD candy is a hemp-based candy that allows you to reap the benefits of CBD while eating a tasty treat.

CBD products on the whole are non-mind altering and will in no way get you high. They lack the somewhat important ingredient need for psychoactivity to occur – THC. Lacking this key component there is no way to get ‘high’ from CBD candy.

What Does CBD Candy Look Like?

In a nutshell? It looks just like regular candy. If there’s a kind of candy you like then you’re likely to find a version that has been infused with the goodness of CBD. It doesn’t affect the manufacturing process of confectionery in any way so if you weren’t told you’re unlikely to really notice.

The only difference between a CBD infused sweet or edible and your favourite brand of sweets and chocolate is that one may benefit your health while the other is only good for a trip to the dentist.


If you’re going to buy anything online, especially something you’re thinking about actually ingesting into your body, then you’d better make sure it’s coming from a reliable source. As far as we know it’s nigh on impossible to overdose on CBD. The most you’re likely to feel is a bit of an iffy tummy for a couple of hours.

That being said you should still do your proper due-diligence on a company before you buy anything. Read reviews, check forums, and use your best judgement. As with any medication it may take a while for you to find what works for you. Always read the label to know exactly what you’re buying.

There are literally so many options for CBD on the market these days. With so much choice it can be difficult knowing what is the best form – tablets, tinctures, balms, oils. Well, for my money, sweets win every time. Try out some CBD gummies or edibles as soon as you can and add a wholesome new dimension to your snack time.

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