CBD or cannabidiol has been implicated in treating Mad Cow Disease. In humans, Mad Cow Disease is referred to as CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease). It first attacks cattle whose brains are attacked by prions hence it is also referred to as Prion disease. The scientific name for the Mad Cow disease is bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) which depicts the changes that take place in affected cows once their brain tissue is attacked. Once the prions attack a cow’s brain tissue it gets spongy holes that cause a slow deterioration of the cow’s brain.

Failure to identify the changes in a cow’s brain leads to the disease affecting the cow’s whole body and death may result. Human beings develop the human form of Prion once they consume diseased tissue from cattle. The symptoms of CJD include memory loss, insomnia, and impaired thinking. Once the mental symptoms worsen, most people eventually end up in a coma. The cause of death is usually a heart failure or pneumonia. Researchers have not yet come up with a treatment that has been found to be effective in the treatment of CJD. Doctors, therefore, work towards alleviating pain or symptoms that may result.

Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil

One of the primary components of the cannabis plant is the terpenes that have given it not only an enduring benefit but also an enduring advantage. Terpenes are therefore beneficial to human beings. Together with CBD, terpenes hinder the psychoactivity of tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD rich Hemp oil, as a result, can be used by people suffering from mad cow disease. Cannabidiol is a natural painkiller that activates brain areas and also creates an analgesic effect. The endocannabinoid system which is essential in synaptic transmission control helps the Cannabidiol to reduce pain. Moreover, CBD has been identified to interact with receptors in a person’s brain and the immune system.

Since the receptors receive signals from different stimuli and assist the body cells in responding, they create painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects that are vital in pain management. CBD rich in hemp oil is also used as a neuroprotective agent and reduces oxidative stress besides preventing neurodegeneration. Cannabidiol also plays an essential role in inhibiting glutamate production. Therefore, the risk of ischemic damage is reduced and the brain cells are protected. The impact of depression, memory loss and impaired thinking patient suffering from Cow Mad disease is thus reduced. Muscle coordination which hinders the patient from swallowing and makes it difficult for them to speak is partly solved.

The proof of CBD in delaying the onset of Prion disease was concluded after researchers through a study published in 2007 infected mice with a prion disease that mostly infects sheep and treated them with CBD and THC as well. CBD was the most significant in not only delaying the onset of symptoms but also in delaying the overall time of death. There were no side effects from administration of CBD thus were considered as a promising cure for Prion. Furthermore, they identified CBD to be potentially effective even after the prion disease infects the central nervous system.

What are the limitations of Cannabidiol in dealing with Mad Cow disease?

There have been criticisms of Cannabidiol in controlling symptoms of Mad Cow disease that are related to the 2007 study. One of them was that CBD was only effective when given in high doses immediately after infection with mad cow disease, while the diagnosis of prion disease in humans is only possible when the symptoms begin showing. The signs of prion disease take time thus may not be an effective drug. Moreover, the mice that were used to carry out the test were injected with Prion causing bacteria into the body cavity while human beings consume it. As a result, the method of research used is no human equivalent to the practice of treating mice with Cannabidiol once they are infected with Cow Mad Disease.
Further research is thus needed to prove the effectiveness of the CBD in controlling the symptoms of mad cow disease. The side effects of using CBD should also be proven. Nonetheless, such research may take time since CBD is a product of marijuana which is considered as an illegal drug in most countries and states in the United States.

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