Charlotte’s Web is a children’s story about a spider that writes words on the web all day but doesn’t once start a multi-hour fight, making this arachnid more tactful than 80% of humans online.

Charlotte’s web is also a strain of hemp that features a high-amount of CBD and a very low amount of THC. Low THC varieties of cannabis are known as hemp. Many countries have laws banning the cultivation of cannabis, however, hemp can get around these controls due to the low-level of psychoactive ingredients in them. Low-CBD hemp could be the way forward for cannabis medication.

Why Would You Want Low-THC Cannabis?

Cannabis is usually celebrated for its ability to get its users high, which is the colloquial term for the effect that THC has on the human body. THC, is the poster boy psychoactive chemical in cannabis but it is only one of many! The chemicals in cannabis are known as cannabinoids and they’re good for much more than making you want to eat gigantic amounts of junk food. CBC, in particular, has a whole host of fantastic uses and effects.

If you want to enjoy these positive benefits but don’t want to get high, then a low-THC, high-CBD strain of cannabis is the ideal solution.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most famous low-THC, high-CBD strains of cannabis. If you want to enjoy it, then the best way is to vape it in its dried form. You could, of course, smoke it in the same way you could any cannabis strain, but that could prove harmful to your lungs. Vaping it, however, takes advantage of the various boiling points of the cannabinoids in Charlotte’s Web; evaporating it into a vapor that leaves all the carcinogens and toxins behind.

One of the most accessible ways to enjoy Charlotte’s Web is in its hemp oil form. This oil can be easily orally administered, making it very similar in practice to many traditional medicines.

How Can Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil Help You?

High CBD hemp oil has a number of great uses, ranging from pain treatment to lessening the severity of menstrual cramps. One of the most promising uses it may have, is in the treatment of epileptic seizures. The American Epilepsy Society confirmed that CBD stops epileptic seizures, especially in children.

There is compelling evidence that CBD can reduce the severity of an epileptic seizure attack, and on top of that reduce the frequency of attacks. In some cases, CBD may even be able to stop attacks from occurring altogether.

There is still a lot of questions surrounding how effective CBD can actually be. It isn’t a universal panacea, some patients respond better to treatment than others. There is also the question of the THC to CBD balance in the hemp oil; if the balance of cannabinoids in the oil tips too far towards THC, then the treatment could cause the patient’s seizures to return, and in some cases even increase in severity.

The Jury Is Still Out, But Things Are Looking Good

It should surprise no one that the field of cannabis-based medicine is still somewhat underdeveloped. You can thank the long-standing global prohibition for that. However, as time goes on, more and more promising studies are coming out of the CBD industry. It may only be a matter of time before CBD hemp oil becomes as accepted as paracetamol.

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