Welcome to CBD Village’s quick guide to CBD. All you need to know at a glance about the ancient plant-derived compound that’s making the headlines. Information about CBD abounds on the internet, and can often be either misleading, inaccurate, or at times so wrapped in medical terminology as to be inaccessible to the average reader.

What is it?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is a compound produced primarily by the plant Cannabis sativa – native to central Asia and grown widely beyond this region. C. sativa has been used medicinally by most of the cultures that have encountered it over the last 2,500 years.

CBD oil is one of the most common molecules in the family of chemicals known as cannabinoids. There have been anywhere between 97 and 147 cannabinoids described to science since 1940 when CBD was first isolated.

Although certain cannabinoids are thought to defend the plant against light damage and insect grazing, it is unclear what benefit CBD oil gives to plants. Its potential as a nutrition supplement and possible medicine for humans and other mammals, however, is becoming apparent through ongoing research.

What can it do?

Anti-spasticity – one of the more dramatic potential effects of CBD oil is the fact that it may counter spasticity in sufferers of a number of illnesses that cause the muscles to contract involuntarily.
Anti-anxiety – Aside from much anecdotal evidence, CBD oil has been implicated in a number of studies in having a positive effect on anxiety in humans. This includes both normal anxiety, as well as the anxiety brought on by a number of psychoactive substances, including some other cannabinoids.

Addiction – Laboratory tests have suggested that rodents with addictions to opioids like heroin can have their addiction patterns broken or disrupted by the careful application of CBD oil. This evidence is supported by the common stories from human sufferers of heroin addiction, claiming that the use of CBD oil has helped them.

Epilepsy – Much anecdotal evidence has come out about the help CBD oil may offer to sufferers of epilepsy. It has been implicated in reducing the incidence and severity of epileptic fits. Research is ongoing in this field, and some results look promising.

Anti-inflammatory – CBD has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties in a number of analyses and this implicates its possible potential as a painkiller. A number of athletes also claim that the anti-inflammatory properties of this chemical have greatly improved their recovery times after training sessions.
Nutrition – Along with CBD, hemp oil often contains other compounds produced in the plant Cannabis sativa. Some of these include Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, vital nutrients to human brain development and function.

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