Taking your first steps into using CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops can be daunting, as there’s a whole host of products, brands and options for use and consumption out there – and everyone will tell you that theirs is the best!

The Ideal Way to Use It

Whichever type of CBD hemp oil you opt for, it’s important that you take it correctly for it to best benefit you. The fatty acids and naturally-occurring nutty flavour of hemp oil makes it ideal to combine with cannabis oil (usually known as CBD oil). When consumed as a CBD hemp oil rather than one of the products alone, the user can benefit from the cannabidiol (CBD) stimulating activity in your endocannabinoid system, while you don’t get a ‘high’ like you would if you smoked cannabis, but instead can reap the advantages of the plant to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, soothe your immune system, and clear your head. What’s better is that it’s all entirely natural – this isn’t man-made or chemical medication!

CBD Hemp Oil – Pure Extract

CBD Hemp Oil often comes in its pure extract form. Sometimes this is as a tincture, in a bottle with a small dropper, or in an oral syringe. Don’t panic: this isn’t an injection! Instead, CBD Hemp Oil can be consumed orally.

The desired amount can be dispensed onto your finger or a spoon and applied directly under your tongue if you don’t mind the taste. A normal serving is about the size of a grain of rice, and most find the taste earthy and nutty; and the more concentrated the hemp, the nuttier it gets. Wait about a minute with the oil under your tongue and then swallow. Dose, done!

CBD  – A Dietary Supplement

If you’re not a fan of the taste or would rather consume your CBD hemp oil with something else at the same time, you can take it as a dietary supplement alongside food and drink. Wash it down or dilute it into juice or smoothies or pop your drop(s) into your favourite food. Unless you’re eating something quite bland, it’s unlikely you’ll even notice the oil combined within. It should still have the same effect, but you find that it’s diluted a little as its possible residue remains on food utensils or packaging. However, this may be a good thing; if you’ve been using CBD for a long time or worry that you may become reliant on it, this is a great way to reduce your intake whilst still being able to benefit from its natural and soothing properties.

Topical CBD

Depending on the concentration of your CBD hemp oil, you may find it beneficial to apply topically directly onto affected areas of skin. There are numerous hemp skincare products available on the mainstream market, but if you have a product that you use already, simply combine your dispensed amount into this and use as normal, so as not to risk additional sensitivity or irritation.

CBD Hemp Oil is extremely powerful and herbal drops are a fantastic way to consume this brilliant natural extract. Once you find a way to consume or use it that works for you, stick to it and reap the benefits!

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