A piqued interest in the health benefits of natural products has left many wanting to know more. Since hemp and CBD oils are known to have remarkable health benefits, they are being investigated closely. This is where the question that people are asking comes in, ‘Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?

While there are similarities between hemp and CBD oils, there are some significant differences with regards to the purposes they serve. Similarly, they both have little to no psychoactive effects and the oil is extracted from the same plant, albeit different parts of the plant. CBD oils are derived from hemp plants but when answering the question, ‘Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?’ The answer is essentially no.

The Differences Between Hemp and CBD Oils

Since hemp and CBD oils are both essentially derived from cannabis, they are often thought to be the same. Their differences are, however, incredibly important to know – especially if their full health benefits are to be taken advantage of.

Seeds from any cannabis plant can be made into hemp seed oil but it is primarily seeds from the hemp plant that are used to make it. The oil is easily extracted as the seeds actually contain half their weight in oil. The seeds contain tiny amounts of CBD and practically no levels of THC, making them useless as a narcotic. They do, however, have incredible nutritional value.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is extracted from the leaves, buds and stalks of the hemp plant. Those with the higher levels of CBD are typically used in order to maximize their potency which has great medicinal value. Some manufacturers do use cannabis as opposed to hemp which means trace amounts of THC are possible, but the levels are quite low and strictly limited.

What Benefits Hemp and CBD Oils Have

As far as the question: ‘Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?’ goes, where they are extracted from and how they are produced is not the only major differences between them. Hemp oil and CBD oil products have unique benefits that are useful for different reasons too.

Hemp oil is full of nutritional value which makes it great for cooking. It has valuable moisturizing effects and is used in lotions, shampoos, conditioners and soaps. Hemp oil is also eco-friendly and can be used as a replacement for petroleum, in the production of paints, in various plastics and biofuel.

CBD oil, on the other hand, has significant medicinal value and is commonly used to treat cancer. It has also shown significant results in the treatment of epilepsy and various neurodegenerative disorders. CBD oil products are used by people suffering from anxiety and depression and CBD oil is quite useful as an anti-inflammatory treatment. Its calming effect makes it a great substitute for those who use high levels of THC in cannabis to reduce stress as it inhibits the uptake of THC.

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